The Texas Department of Agriculture coordinates the licensing of aquaculture facilities and vehicles transporting (live) cultured species, in partnership with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Who needs to be licensed?

Aquaculture Facility
    A business that produces and sells cultured species raised in a private facility 
    must obtain an aquaculture license from TDA.

      Apply for a general aquaculture business license Instructions
      Change the facility information on a license Instructions

Aquaculture Fish Farm Vehicle
    If you plan to transport and sell farmed fish or shellfish from your vehicle, you must obtain a license for it. 
    You must keep a copy of this license in the vehicle.

    * If you have an aquaculture license, you are not required to have a fish farm vehicle license, 
       but you are required to keep a copy of your aquaculture license in all delivery vehicles.

      Apply for a fish farm vehicle license Instructions
      Add additional vehicles to a license Instructions
      Change vehicle information on a license Instructions
      Cancel a vehicle license Instructions 

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