Information About the Fuel Stations Out of Compliance Report

Please read the information below first before downloading the report.

This report provides information for gasoline, and certain (low dispensing rate) diesel, automotive fuel pump (devices) placed out of order by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) during the last 60 days due to noncompliance for short measure in excess of tolerance, improperly maintained pumps, does not hold zero and two times the tolerance. 

Link to Definitions of Out of Order reasons listed in the report.

Note:  This report does not contain information for Out of Order tags issued for "over measure" in favor of the consumer or other minor noncompliance having little or no impact on consumers.

TDA has 72 weights and measures inspectors throughout the state checking more than 65,000 fuel pumps a year.  An inspector will place an "out of order" tag on any pump not dispensing the correct amount of fuel within the allowable tolerance.

The station owner or operator is responsible for having a pump repaired by a service company licensed through TDA before the pump can be further used to sell fuel. A TDA inspector will then place a new seal on the pump after it has been tested and found to be operating properly.

Failure to consider the information above or within the report concerning the reasons for noncompliance, or failure to include such information when republishing the listing, may result in a business being incorrectly and unfairly characterized as a business that is cheating or shortchanging consumers. 

Disclaimer: This report is updated periodically and is current only as of the date indicated in the header of the report.