Pesticide Product Section 3 Registration

Application for Section 3 Registration of Pesticides

Form (PR 200) and information necessary to register pesticides in Texas can be found on the forms page. Please review the checklist on page 4 to be sure you have submitted all the necessary information. The registrant is responsible for ensuring that all required information is properly submitted. Registrants must only submit paper copies of all required documentation.  CDs will not be accepted. Registrants submitting incomplete applications will be notified in a letter explaining the discrepancies. Corrective actions should be completed within 30 days or the review process may be canceled and the registration fee(s) forfeited.

Review the instructions for assistance in completing the form, or contact the Pesticide Registration Program at (512) 463-7407,  fax: 888-216-9860 or email: product.registration@TexasAgriculture.gov

Do not include the product Confidential Statement of Formula statement in any correspondence to the department unless requested to do so.

Submit the appropriate fee based on the number of products and the length of registration period. See the proration chart in the instructions for new products to determine amount of fees to submit.

For each Product Registered include:

Product Label - The current product label that is affixed to the container must be submitted. The product label should include the EPA number, establishment number and net contents amount.  Size of type must be large enough to read easily, (minimum of 6 pt.).

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) - Section 7.10(a)(1) of the Texas Administrative Code requires that a MSDS which complies with the provisions set forth in 29 Code of Federal Regulations, section 1920.1200(g) be included as part of the application.

EPA Stamped "Accepted" Label - Each new product registered must include a photocopy of the label stamped "Accepted" by the EPA, the letter containing EPA comments page (if applicable), approving the changes to the label and any other EPA correspondence.

For Supplemental Registration(s) - Submit EPA form 8570-5, "Notice of Supplemental Registration of Distributor," for each supplemental registered product.

For Alternate Brand Name(s) – Submit EPA form 8570-1 for each alternate brand name registration or a letter from EPA stating it is an alternate brand name.

Check List

Please use this checklist to ensure you are sending all of the necessary information and documents for each product to be registered. 
  • Registration of Pesticides Application PR-200 
  • Fee (see instructions for assistance with calculating the correct fee.) 
  • Product Label(s) 
  • EPA Supplemental Registration of Distribution Form 8570-5, if appropriate  
  • Material Safety Data Sheet(s) 
  • Current EPA Stamped Accepted Label(s) -- Include letter containing EPA comments page, if appropriate
  • Other EPA Supporting Documentation -- Notifications, Amendments Transfer of registration papers, etc.
  • Schedule A – Experimental Use Product Registration, as applicable.