Feral Hog Grant Programs


Texas is home to nearly 2.6 million feral hogs, the largest feral hog population in the U.S.  Their numbers are continuing to increase because of their high reproductive potential and the lack of natural predators.  Feral hogs wreak havoc on property, livestock, crops and pastures across the state and frustrate landowners because of their destructive nature. Landowners have reported extensive damage to crops, fences, roads, ponds, fields and feed loss. Texas AgriLife Extension Service estimates that statewide annual economic damage caused by feral hogs is $500 million.  And, unless aggressive control measures are undertaken, the feral hog problem is expected to worsen in the years ahead.

The feral hog abatement funding appropriated to TDA has been managed in recent years towards minimizing the per-head cost of hog removal activities and helping to create new technologies for more economical control measures in the future. TDA is currently overseeing the following programs:

    Integrated Feral Hog Damage Management
    Toxicant Control Efforts
    Coordinated Hog Out Management Program

    Future programs are contingent upon the Texas Legislature appropriations for feral hog abatement through the General Revenue Fund.

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