Feral Hog Grant Program

As a result of the 85th Legislative Session, the allocation of these funds have been transferred to another State Agency. 

Texas is home to nearly 2.6 million feral hogs, the largest feral hog population in the U.S.  Their numbers are continuing to increase because of their high reproductive potential and the lack of natural predators.  Feral hogs wreak havoc on property, livestock, crops and pastures across the state and frustrate landowners because of their destructive nature. Landowners have reported extensive damage to crops, fences, roads, ponds, fields and feed loss. The estimated 2.6 million wild pigs in Texas are estimated to cause $52 million in agricultural damage with landowners spending an additional $7 million to control pigs and/or correct damage annually.

The feral hog abatement funding appropriated to TDA pursuant to the Texas Legislature, by the enactment of HB 1, 84th Regular Session, 2015 Article VI, Rider 12, for the Feral Hog Abatement Grant Program to develop long-term feral hog abatement technologies and test control methods.