Texas Department of Agriculture Helps End Japanese Trade Block on Texas Citrus


High quantity and high quality shipments of Texas grapefruit are now moving into Japanese markets thanks to the joint efforts of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). At the urging of TDA staff, the two agencies have secured bilateral agreement on clarified phytosanitary requirements for exports of citrus to Japan. As a result, Texas grapefruit producers have already sent several shipments to Japan. 

To take advantage of this new opportunity in Japan, Texas producers must meet the following Japanese citrus trade requirements:

  1. A phytosanitary certificate showing state and county of origin (a single phytosanitary certificate may be used to certify shipments of U.S. citrus fruits destined to multiple consignees in Japan.)
  2. Fruit originates from an area not regulated for Anastrepha ludens (only Hidalgo County is currently regulated in Texas) 
  3. Additional notes: 
    • Texas is a Caribbean Fruit Fly free area and meets the "fruit fly protocol," so no treatment for that is required. 
    • Grapefruit is a Medfly host and is required to be produced and packed outside areas regulated for Mediterranean fruit fly. Texas is considered outside the regulated area since it is free of Ceratitis capitata. 

For questions on requirements or to receive a complete summary for citrus fruit being exported from the U.S. to Japan or any other country, contact: 

Joyce J. Sterling
Export Certification Specialist
P.O. Box 610063
Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Texas 75261
972-574-7330 (phone)
972-574-6881 (fax)

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