Community Development Fund Application & Guide
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Community Development Fund (CD)

Fund Name:

Community Development Fund

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The Community Development Fund is the largest fund category in the TxCDBG Program. This fund is available on a biennial basis for funding through a competition in each of the 24 state planning regions.

Although most funds are used for Public Facilities (water/wastewater infrastructure, street and drainage improvements and housing activities), there are numerous other activities for which these funds may be used.

Funds are allocated to each state planning region to ensure a broad geographic distribution of funds as described in the One Year Action Plan. Additional funds deobligated from previous awards may be made available using the same formula. Funds allocated to a region that does not have an eligible application to fund will be reallocated to other regions to maximize the number of awards granted.

Eligible Applicants:

Eligible applicants are nonentitlement general purpose units of local government including cities and counties that are not participating or designated as eligible to participate in the entitlement portion of the federal Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). Nonentitlement cities that are not participating in urban county programs through existing participation agreements are eligible applicants (unless the city’s population is counted towards the urban county CDBG allocation).

Nonentitlement cities are located predominately in rural areas and are cities with populations less than 50,000 thousand persons; cities that are not designated as a central city of a metropolitan statistical area; and cites that are not participating in urban county programs. Nonentitlement counties are also predominately rural in nature and are counties that generally have fewer than 200,000 persons in the nonentitlement cities and unincorporated areas located in the county.

Maximum Award Amount:


Evaluation and Selection:

All applicants must refer to the Community Development Fund Application Guide for complete details and information.

Community Development Fund scoring is governed by the provisions of the TxCDBG Action Plan.

Application Deadline:  May 3, 2023

2023-2024 Community Development (CD) Fund Application Guide (Updated 3/15/23)

2023-2024 CD Application Scores
State Planning Region 2023 Regional Allocation
App Scores
2023 Award
Kick-off Meeting
AACOG $2,624,983 AA Scores 12/13/2023, 10-2PM
ATCOG $1,656,946 AT Scores 12/1/2023, 10AM
BVCOG $1,168,122 BV Scores 12/5/2023, 1:30-3:30PM
$2,041,952 CAP Scores 1/17/2024, 10AM
CBCOG $2,286,760 12/14/2023, 9-11AM
CTCOG $1,589,418 CT Scores 12/4/2023, 9-11AM
CVCOG $773,633 CV Scores 1/8/2024, 9-11AM
DETCOG $2,405,351 DET Scores 11/9/2023, 1PM
ETCOG $3,678,904 ETX Scores 11/30/2023, 10AM
GCRPC $1,109,841 GC Scores 12/20/2023, 2-4PM
H-GAC $2,932,799 H-G Scores 12/18/2023, 1PM
HOTCOG $1,582,762 12/4/2023, 2-4PM
LRGVDC $1,949,740 LRG Scores 11/3/2023, 10AM
MRGDC $1,799,892 MRG Scores 11/1/2023, 2PM
NCTCOG $7,529,532 11/15/2023, 10AM
NORTEX $1,142,362 NTX Scores 1/11/2024, 2PM
PBRPC $1,736,712 PB Scores 1/9/2024, 9-11AM
PRPC $1,688,705 12/5/2023, 10AM (joint meeting with SPAG)
RGCOG $2,533,089 11/28/2023, 2PM
SETRPC $1,539,255 SETX Scores 11/9/2023, 9AM
SPAG $1,361,945 12/5/2023, 10AM (joint meeting with PRPC)
STDC $1,795,553 STX Scores 11/2/2023, 2PM
TCOG $1,064,645
1/19/2024, 9-11AM
WCTCOG $1,792,845 WCT Scores 1/10/2024, 2PM

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