Beneficiary Documentation
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Beneficiary Documentation

The links provided on this page should be used to access data for documenting the beneficiaries of a proposed TxCDBG project. For guidance on how this data is used, consult the Survey Methodology Manual (link below) or the Beneficiary Identification section of the Application Guide for the fund you wish to pursue.

TxCDBG Guide to Meeting a National Program Objective (Original posting on 1/4/2023)

Update 1/11/23: Change to formatting and addition of activity code on page 6 

Update 2/6/23: Revision to language under "03K for Road Conditions" on page 6 and highlighting of inflow and infiltration beneficiary guidance on page 5

Update 3/9/23: Correction to typo in "Residential/Neighborhood 03J Line Work" description on page 4

PY 2023 Beneficiary Guidance Updates (NEW!! - Updated 1/6/2023)


2023 Survey Methodology Manual (Updated 8/31/2022)

Census Maps

Survey Tab Form 

TxCDBG Address List Template (Updated 11/16/23)

2024 Survey Questionnaire - 80% ONLY (Updated 5/2/24
2024 Survey Questionnaire-Standard (Updated 5/2/24)

2024 Survey Questionnaire - 80% ONLY en Español (Updated 5/2/24)
2024 Survey Questionnaire - Standard en Español (Updated 5/2/24)

It is recommended to always double check with the HUD posted Income Limits.

2023 LMISD data posted 11/16/2023 (EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2023)

The above excel file contains income characteristic data for persons and households for each logical record number in Texas.

Race/Ethnicity Calculator

Use the above Excel file as a tool to determine the race, ethnicity and gender for the beneficiaries in your project. This calculator replaces the TXMA05. This new calculator uses the most recent ACS data. Instructions are included in the file.

Sample Size Calculator and Random Number Generator (SSC/RNG) 

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