Regional Review Committees
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Unified Scoring Committee

The Unified Scoring Committee (USC) is responsible for developing the objective scoring factors for all regions used to prioritize applicants. The USC must establish the numerical value of the points assigned to each scoring factor.

Next Meeting:

April 10, 2024, 9:00AM (CT)
Valero Community Engagement Center
San Antonio Food Bank

5200 Historic Old Hwy 90
San Antonio, TX 78227

USC Public Hearing Information & Resources:
USC Meeting Minutes
Unified Scoring Committee Charter

USC Eligible Scoring Factors 2025-2026

Default Project Priorities

Regional Project Priorities

 Region USC Committee Member Public Hearing Date  Adopted Priorities
AACOG Rob Kelly, County Judge, Kerry County    
ATCOG Mayor Lowell Walker, City of Dekalb April 25 10:00 am Adopted Priorities - ATCOG
BVCOG Judge Joe Fauth, Grimes County    
CAPCOG  Mayor Stephanie Fisher, Johnson City May 13 1:30 pm  
CBCOG Judge C.H. "Burt" Mills, Jr., Aransas County    
CTCOG  Judge Roger Miller, Coryell County April 25 12:00 pm Adopted Priorities - CTCOG
DETCOG  Bill Stewart, City Administrator, City of Huntington March 28 12:00 pm Adopted Priorities - DETCOG
ETCOG  Judge Wade McKinney, Henderson County May 9 12:00 pm  
GCRPC  Robin Alaniz, Alderman, City of Goliad    
HGAC  Andrew Isbell, Director of Planning, Walker County March 25 5:30 pm Adopted Priorities - HGAC
HOTCOG  Megan Henderson, City Manager, City of Hillsboro March 28 10:00 am Adopted Priorities - HOTCOG
LRGVDC  Ben Medina, City Administrator, City of Rio Hondo May 2 10:00 am  
MRGDC  Judge Bella Rubio, Real County May 13 10:00 am  
NCTCOG Rick Bailey, Commissioner, Johnson County May 3 10:00 am Adopted Priorities - NCTCOG
NORTEX  Bert Cunningham, City Manager, City of Bowie April 18 12:00 pm Adopted Priorities - NORTEX
PBRPC  Judge Foy O'Brien, Dawson County    
RGCOG Joanna MacKenzie, County Judge, Hudspeth County May 3 10:00 am  
PRPC  Joseph Price, City Manager, City of Canyon March 28 12:00 pm Adopted Priorities - PRPC
SETRPC  Judge Wayne McDaniel, Hardin County April 12 10:00 am Adopted Priorities - SETRPC
SPAG  Mike Cypert, City Manager, Hale Center March 22 10:00 am Adopted Priorities - SPAG
STDC  Sandalio Ruiz, Commissioner, Jim Hogg County    
TEXOMA Alexis Taylor-Baker, EDC Board Member, City of Tioga    
WCTCOG Diana Lopez, City Manager, City of Coleman