State Office of Rural Health
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Texas State Office of Rural Health (SORH)



Dedicated to serving the health needs of rural Texas, the State Office of Rural Health (SORH) staff work with local health care providers and other partners to support access to quality health care for rural Texans. SORH works to support rural health providers by providing technical assistance with finance, operations, and quality through a variety of grant programs, workshops, and one-on-one assistance.  Additional resources include educational awards that are available to individual clinicians and health care institutions, information and referral, funding resources, and assistance with medical license applications.

For more information on SORH programs, please select from the links below or click for a list of programs here.

SORH Rural Hospital Funding Resource Guide 2021 - This guide provides national, state and regional funding resources, advocacy organizations and grant writing tips geared towards the needs of rural hospitals in Texas.

Broadband Connectivity - Texas Rural Hospital Survey Results May 2022 - The Texas State Office of Rural Health partnered with Connected Nation Texas (CN Texas) to conduct an online survey that was distributed to 163 rural Texas hospitals. This survey was designed to determine how rural Texas hospitals are currently using internet-connected technologies, ascertain the barriers that currently limit the use of online services among health care practitioners and patients, and identify steps that can provide the greatest impact in helping rural hospitals expand their remote offerings to all rural residents.

Text: It's Okay to Ask for Help. Have you experienced problems like rising costs, market fluctuations, family conflicts, or extreme weather? Are you stressed or feeling defeated? Even the toughest people NEED HELP sometimes. AgriStress Helpline for Texas. Phone number: 833-897-2474. Picture: a woman talking on a cellphone while standing in a field. She has dark curly hair pulled back from her face, wears a work shirt with the sleeves rolled up and has a bandanna knotted around one wrist.