Texans Feeding Texans - Home-Delivered Meal Grant Program

Deadline: Applicants must submit one complete, signed application. The application packet, including the signed application, completed county resolution form and all other required backup documents must be postmarked by Friday, November 1, 2019 (see "1. 2020 RFA and submission instructions"). Applications may not be supplemented after the submission deadline. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the timely delivery of all required materials.

 The Texans Feeding Texans Home-Delivered Meal Grant Program was established to help supplement and extend the applicants current home-delivered meal program for seniors and/or disabled Texans.  Governmental and non-profit agencies are eligible for this grant program.

County Role

Counties can bring TDA dollars to their communities by making qualifying grants to meal providers. County grants should be based on the county seniors as reported by the census: 2010 Census Numbers per County. <--- Click here for the minimum County Grant needed.

* A grant equivalent to $0.25 per county senior as reported in the 2010 census qualifies meal providers for funds under the Program.  
* County grants at rates less than $0.25 per county senior will qualify providers for correspondingly smaller TDA grants.

If a county has multiple meal providers, the individual county qualifying grants will be totaled to determine the County's overall participation level.
Meal Provider Role

A nonprofit or governmental agency that delivers meals to homebound elderly (60 or older) or disabled individuals are eligible to apply for a grant through the Home-Delivered Meal Grant Program.  In order for providers to qualify, they must:

  • Receive a grant from the county in which meals are delivered, documented through a signed county resolution form.
  • Deliver meals during the previous fiscal year to homebound elderly (60 or older) or disabled individuals.
  • Complete a required application with accurate meal numbers.
Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Role

TDA staff will work with meal providers and their counties to ensure all qualified applicants receive funding. 


    • September 1 – November 1 each year: Administrative review to ensure applications are complete with required information. Applications submitted prior to November 1 will be allowed to submit supplemental information, if needed. However, ALL information must be complete and submitted to TDA by November 1.
    • November to early December: TDA works with the Department of Aging and Disabilities (DADs) and the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to determine number of eligible meals for grant calculations
    • Mid December: TDA sends email verification to every applicant to confirm the number of eligible meals. A response is required from every provider.
    • Late December: Calculate awards and send notice of grant award letter and grant agreements.
    • January: Meal providers return signed grant agreements to TDA
    • February 1 each year: First half of the grant award is paid out and meal providers will be required to document expenditures through quarterly performance reports.
    • August 1 each year: Second half of the grant award is paid out.
    • TDA program staff will monitor grantees and perform desk reviews at periodic times throughout the grant cycle.
2020 Application Materials

1. 2020 RFA and Submission Instruction Document
2. 2020 HDM Grant Application Materials - required
2020 HDM County Resolution required

Online Submission link: click here

Do you want to check your work before submitting:

Governmental Agency - in-depth checklist
Non-Profit - in-depth checklist

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