EPA Pesticide Container and Containment Rule
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EPA Pesticide Container and Containment Rule
EPA is implementing a new rule known as the Pesticide Container and Containment Rule (PCC).  The revisions are found in 40 CFR Parts 152, 156 and 165.  Entities that will be affected are registrants and agricultural refillers, distributors, retailers, commercial applicators, and custom blenders.  Currently, TDA has no additional rules, but will be enforcing EPA's regulations. 

The rule is divided into two main parts, containers and containment.

The goals of the container requirements are to:

  • Minimize human exposure during container handling, which includes storage, transportation and removing the pesticide from the container for use (by pouring, pumping it out, etc.);

  • Facilitate container disposal and recycling by ensuring that containers will "come clean" if they are properly emptied and rinsed, and by ensuring that pesticide users have instructions for properly cleaning containers; and

  • Encouraging the use of refillable containers where possible, to minimize the amount of waste that is produced.

The purpose of the containment requirements are to:

  • Protect the environment from large releases due to container failures at bulk storage sites; and

  • Protect the environment from the smaller, but more frequent, spills and leaks associated with transferring pesticides during refilling and dispensing operations.