Weights and Measures
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Weights and Measures Program
The purpose of the Weights and Measures program is to protect consumers and businesses by ensuring that equity prevails in all commercial transactions involving determinations of quantity.

TDA inspects weighing and measuring devices to ensure performance within acceptable tolerances and TDA inspects packaging to enforce net content and labeling regulations. The agency's Weights and Measures program provides standards for private industry which discourage unfair and dishonest commerce. TDA also adopts rules and regulations to help eliminate fraud and misrepresentation in commercial transactions.

TDA's field staff inspect a wide variety of measuring devices to protect consumers from overcharges. 


Information Reports
The following information reports may be accessed through the Weights & Measures Reports/Publications page.
  • Listing of Service Companies
  • Service Technicians
  • Weights and Measures Enforcement Actions Report
  • Weights and Measures Device Report
  • Device Inspection History Previous Fiscal Year
  • Device Inspection History Current Fiscal Year