TDA Licenses & Registrations
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List of All TDA Licenses and Registrations
Aquaculture For producing fish in fish-farms. Forms
Egg Law For wholesaling graded eggs. Forms
GO TEXAN For marketing Texas-made items. Forms
Grain Warehouse For providing grain storage. Forms
HMPC General For wholesaling produce. Forms
Licensed Service Company For installing/calibrating measuring devices. Forms
Nursery Floral For selling plants, cut flowers, etc. Forms
Organics For selling certified organic consumables. Forms
Organics For producing certified organic consumables. Forms (Land)
Organics For producing certified organic consumables. Forms (Livestock)
Pesticide For applying, selling, or marketing pesticides. Forms
Prescribed Burn For performing controlled burns. Forms
Public Weigher For providing certified weights. Forms
Service Technician For repairing measuring devices. Forms
Scales/Weighing Devices For selling products by weight. Forms
Seed For selling agricultural seed stock. Forms
Sweet Potato For importing sweet potatoes.
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