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The Texas Department of Agriculture is designated as the state’s lead agency in the regulation of pesticide use and application.  TDA is responsible for licensing and training pesticide applicators, overseeing worker protection, registering pesticides for sale in the state and working to minimize unnecessary impacts to agriculture while enhancing protection of endangered and threatened species.

The Structural Pest Control Service licenses applicators who apply pesticides in and around structures.

Convenience Testing for Agricultural Pesticide Applicator Exams June 1, 2014
TDA has partnered with PSI Services LLC to administer TDA agricultural pesticide applicator exams which began June 1.  Convenience testing offers more opportunities to test at a date and location convenient to applicators.  Applicants for a license will complete an application and submit license fees to TDA.  After they receive an account number from TDA, they will be able to go to PSI’s web site or call 800-733-9267 and register for the test at one of 22 locations. This will expand the number of testing opportunities, reduce the wait time for exam sessions and increase flexibility and convenience in scheduling exams. 

Please see the information pages for complete information about how to obtain a license. 
     Private Pesticide Applicator                 
    Commercial/Noncommercial/Noncommercial Political Subdivision

   Other Texas Agencies
Texas Feed and Fertilizer Control Service
Regulates fertilizer.
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
Provides education for consumers, including questions about pests and what pesticide to use  
Landscape Irrigation 
A person who sells, designs, installs, maintains, alters, repairs, or services an irrigation system or consults in these activities must be licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
AgriStress 833-877-2474

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TDA News

Tuesday, April 2, 2024, AUSTIN – Today, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller confirmed the Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. poultry facility in Farwell, Texas has received official notice of a positive test for H5N1. Due to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidance for poultry infections, Cal-Maine will be required to depopulate 1.6 million laying hens and 337,000 pullets at their Farwell facility. This accounts for approximately 3.6% of the company's total flock as of March 2, 2024. Production at the facility has temporarily ceased as the Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. initiates protocols prescribed by the USDA.   [More]
Friday, March 29, 2024, No holiday better embodies the spirit of a farmer's life more than Easter. It is a time of renewal, preparation, hard work, and unwavering faith—values that our agriculture families live by each day. Behind every Easter tradition, from the bounty on our tables to the eggs being hunted, to the Easter clothes on our backs, lies the legacy of agriculture. In just about every cherished Easter tradition, you are likely to find agriculture. From dyeing Easter eggs with your little ones to savoring the flavors of lamb or ham at your holiday feasts, each element is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our farmers and ranchers.  [More]
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